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renu sensitive multi-purpose solutionrenu sensitive cleans, rinses and disinfects soft contact lenses. All Steps in One Bottle.

Directions for Use:

To clean and disinfect complete these simple steps for a healthy and comfortable soft contact lens wearing experience:

STEP 1: Place at least 3 drops of renu sensitive multi-purpose solution on each side of contact lens and rub for 20 seconds. No separate daily cleaner necessary.

STEP 2: Remove surface debris by rinsing thoroughly with renu sensitive multi-purpose solution.

STEP 3: Place cleaned contacts in lens case and fill with fresh renu sensitive multi-purpose solution. Soak for at least four hours. Remember to always use fresh solution - never reuse solution.

Your lenses are now ready to wear. No saline rinse necessary. If any debris remains on contacts, rinse with renu sensitive multi-purpose solution prior to insertion.

You may store your lenses in the unopened lens case until ready to wear, up to a maximum of 30 days.

Note: Proper lens care requires removal of protein deposits from your lenses. Follow directions provided with the enzymatic product and use as directed by your eye care professional.