How it works

  • 1

    Locate the nearest participating Eye Care Professional.

  • 2

    Collect your discarded lenses and blister packs in any re-usable or single use container/bag.

  • 3

    Drop off your collected waste at your selected Eye Care Professional’s office.

  • 4

    Start again! Repeat the cycle and begin collecting again.


How we’re helping

Globally Bausch + Lomb has recycled


contact lenses and blister packs!


The equivalent of

373,000+ lbs of waste


The equivalent of

112 mid-sized vehicles

We’re doing our part in Canada with


contact lenses and blister packs being kept out of landfills and waterways!


The equivalent of

29,000+ lbs of waste


The equivalent of

5,800 Canadian geese


The equivalent of

10 orca whales

Recycling guidelines

Make sure all excess liquids, such as contact lens solution, are removed. If you choose to rinse your product, ensure it is completely dry.

Please do not include cardboard boxes in your collections, as these are recyclable through regular municipal recycling.

  • Bausch + Lomb Every Contact Counts
  • Municipal recycling



Every contact counts practices

Eye care offices are collecting contact lenses and blister packs for recycling! Search the interactive map below to find a location near you.


The Bausch + Lomb every contact counts Recycling Program allows contact lenses and packaging to be recycled properly, with the goal of reducing landfill waste associated with contact lenses. It is the first contact lens recycling program in Canada and is in partnership with TerraCycle, a global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle waste.

Recycling centers do not support the recycling of contact lenses. Due to the size of contact lenses and their packaging, these materials get filtered out at recycling facilities and directed to the waste stream, contributing to landfills across Canada.

Recycling centers have sorting processes to identify and open sealed containers. If any contaminants are found (food waste, contact lenses, other unrecyclable items), the entire container, and in some cases the entire load are diverted to landfill waste streams.

To participate in the program, find a local eye care practitioner that offers the every contact counts recycling service. You can locate participating clinics using our Map Locator Tool.

You can recycle waste associated with contact lenses, including:
– Contact lenses
– Top foil
– Opened, dried plastic blister packs
Unopened blister packs are not accepted through this program and should not be included in your shipment.
Please note: Bausch + Lomb contact lens cardboard boxes are recyclable through regular municipal recycling. Please do not include them in your shipments through this program

You may collect and recycle any brand of contact lens waste for this recycling program.

No, you do not need to clean the waste before bringing it to your local clinic. However, please remove as much of the liquid from blister packs as possible before dropping off your waste.

Once received, the contact lenses and blister packs are separated and cleaned. The metal layers of the blister packs are recycled separately, while the contact lenses and plastic blister pack components are melted into plastic that can be remolded to make recycled products.

Contact lens associated waste has been upcycled into a large variety of new plastic products including benches, picnic tables, playground equipment and more. Stay tuned to the every contact counts program to learn what your waste will be upcycled into!

Participating in the Bausch + Lomb every contact counts Recycling Program benefits our environment by reducing the amount of waste deposited to landfills across the country. As a Canadian contact lens wearer, it is an opportunity to do your part as it relates to your contact lens waste.

Contact lenses are recyclable.
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